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    Glass Panel/ Voice broadcast / Aromatherapy box / Mute motor

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  • Wireless Charger
  • TWS Blue Headset
  • Smart Wireless Car Charger
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Glass Panel Wireless Car Charger Mount

Glass Panel /Voice broadcast /With Aromatherapy Box/Mute motor

Light display with different colors in different charging states

Stretch and close after power off

With Fan

♦ Input:Mico 5V 2Acar charger input

♦ Output: Wireless charging 9V /1.6A (MAX)    

♦ Wireless charging power:15W/10W/7.5W/5W

♦ Coin:Single

♦ Rate of charge conversion:≥75

♦ Transmission distance:5mm

♦ Charging frequency:110-205KHz

♦ Weight:130g

♦ Dimension:123*75*43mm

♦ Configuration:

Voice broadcast (Normal version:English)


Aromatherapy box          

♦ Stretch and close twice time after power off

♦ Color box:147.2*145*58MM

♦ Outer container:610*320*317.5MM  

♦ Net weight:0.345KG

♦ Quantity:40

♦ Weight:14.5KG

Product info


Large capacity ,Vehicle flameout, the clamp can stretch and close for twice approximately, the product must be power on above 5-10 minute.

Operating environment/Power : -40~60℃, 15W/10W/7.5W/5W

Technology details(front) :

0.2~0.3mm thickness between the charging panel and the faceplate, in order to decrease friction between a mobile phone and the charging panel, also for heat dissipation.

Technology details(back):The fan can supply air by inspiration and keep your car in fragrant smell

Technology details(side):Be delicate and unique style with space gray and silver casting insert

Clamp function:Hug type,holding your phone more fastness

Stepping motor :1.ultra-silence  2.stable  3.clamp tighten

Charging panel material :Acrylic and PVC leather    Normal color: Silver, Space gray, Black

Coil induction

1. Charging induction: the clamp auto closing if product detect wireless charging

2.Foreign object detection(FOD): the clamp auto closing if product detect metal foreign object or mobile phone without wireless charging

Touch switch       Two sides press

Base  Transparent, adding antiskid salient point, experiencing different lighting effect

Blue--Power on standby

Red--Mobile phone Charging

Green--Metal foreign body detectionFOD

Green- Mobile phone without wireless charging

Voice broadcast    Normal(English, Robot): 3 sentences broadcast, customizing content and voice

1. Power on: Safe driving reminder

2. Charging: Charging for your phone reminder

3. Flameout:Keeping your valuable reminder


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